About Us

The brand Fiorina was born exactly 49 years ago by the family company of the brothers Piacentini that began its handicraft production of footwear with passion and refinement.

During the first years, the brand Fiorina has been distributed in a capillary way to make known the style and the qualitative characteristics that distinguish it; In the following years it was also established in the European, Japanese and American markets.

Despite the increasing approval of customers, the company has made a clear choice, totally geared to the craftsmanship of the product and the Made in Italy.

Precious leathers, dream accessories, creativity, careful selection of materials are the indispensable requirements of every our creation. 

Fiorina knows how to conquer women with the elegance and sophistication of their creations, thanks to an inimitable timeless style. 

Admiring our collection is certainly the best way to understand our commitment and our passion.

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CALZATURIFICIO PIACENTINI SRL - Via Rotabile di Lugliano 6, 55022, Bagni di Lucca (LU) - tel. 0583709666 - P.IVA 02447590460 - contact@fiorinamadeinitaly.com